Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Secrets of the

 Title: Secrets of the Lotus
Author: Michelle Garren Flye
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Publication Date: July 2010
ISBN: 978-1-61650-169-3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Rating: 3/5
Heat Level: Chocolate Martini

What would you trade for the story of a lifetime -- a lifetime of love?

Society reporter Josie Stewart is all too familiar with billionaire Dan Mason, who recently took over the reins of his ailing father's business. He has no intention of allowing anything, even his own conscience, to get in his way.

When Josie accidentally uncovers one of the family secrets, she glimpses a side of Dan that most people never get to see. Drawn to him, she puts her own career and reputation in jeopardy to keep his secrets. But some of those secrets are darker than she knew. Neither Dan nor Josie expects the danger lurking in their future -- or the passion.

Michelle Garren Flye has successfully woven a modern day fairytale in her novel, Secrets of the Lotus. In a tale of girl meets boy, she draws on elements from familiar sources. In fact, it’s probably no coincidence that our heroine, Josie Stewart, meets her prince-charming, Dan Mason, at a birthday party that could easily be compared to the ball where Cinderella meets her prince.

True to modern romance form, Josie Stewart is self-reliant and worlds apart from the devastatingly handsome and ultra-wealthy Dan Mason. Still, the two are able to get down to basics, forming a sultry friendship that at times was frustrating, because all you wanted them to do was admit how they felt—stop with all the introspection and kiss already.

Though the novel was slow out of the gate, it was worth the continued read. Around ten or so pages in, you really start to become charmed by Dan and by page twenty, Josie had equally charmed me. Despite the slow start, it was still an entertaining read. 

3 Martinis...Cheers!

 *Book provided by author for review

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  1. The author clearly gets your attention on the 1st page and holds on until the end.